24th Street Garden Coordinator

Position Summary

The Garden School Foundation 24th Street Garden Coordinator oversees all aspects of the model Seed to Table garden education program at 24th Street Elementary School; conducts daily garden classes to highest standards, guides Garden Interns and volunteers in day to day operations and maintenance, helps develop adjunct programming at the model 24th Street gardens, and conducts tours of the 24th Street Gardens for a wide array of visitors. The 24th Street Garden Coordinator will work directly with the Executive Director, the Program Manager, and other GSF staff and volunteers to coordinate all tasks. 

About the Garden School Foundation

The Garden School Foundation is dedicated to providing an interdisciplinary program of education through garden-based learning in outdoor living classrooms. Turning asphalt into ecosystems, we teach standards-based lessons and cooking classes in garden classrooms and provide educators the tools they need to make school gardens thrive.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Plan and instruct daily garden and cooking classes at the 24th Elementary School garden classroom, serving as a model and example of what is possible in a Garden School Foundation classroom  
  • Prepare and maintain all teaching materials such as posters, bug-collecting supplies, science projects, etc.
  • Work with Garden Manager to teach lessons on general gardening practices such as seed sowing, planting, integrated pest management, harvesting, and composting
  • Work with Garden Interns to train and develop their skills as GSF garden teachers

Program Management

  • Organize and schedule full garden program at 24th Street, communicating with teachers to ensure synchronization of curriculum and any interference with school events/schedule
  • Be the direct liaison between 24th Street School staff and parent community, ensuring communication about all GSF events and programs
  • Manage the day-to-day relationships with interns, volunteers and partner programs
  • Solicit volunteers and maintain volunteer schedule.

Facilities Maintenance

  • Maintain the inside and outside of the 24th Street garden classrooms to ensure the facility is clean, safe, and welcoming as a model GSF classroom
  • Keep all classroom and teaching supplies stocked, accounted for and in working order
  • Assist with garden maintenance as necessary
  • Alert supervisor of any facilities or maintenance problems or concerns

Communications and Fundraising

  • Conduct tours of the 24th Street Gardens for a diverse array of visitors
  • Write monthly blog posts, updating the online community with current classroom themes and experiences
  • Coordinate photo documentation of classes; download and maintain photo files
  • Assist with fundraising, GSF and partner events as they arise
  • Attend all necessary GSF staff, training and development meetings
  • Liaise with partner organizations to support GSF’s efforts to support the communities we serve
  • Solicit donations

The Ideal Candidate Has

  • A sincere appreciation for work in environmental education, project-based garden education and commitment to local food and the Seed to Table philosophy
  • Strong ability to take initiative – is a self-starter
  • Great leadership skills
  • 3+ years experience teaching in an outdoor education setting
  • Knowledge of organic gardening, environmental science and California’s growing season
  • Strong collaborative experience
  • An unyieldingly positive attitude
  • Artistic abilities
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Ability to work and multi-task within the school environment
  • Enthusiasm for working with elementary aged youth and ability to establish healthy relationships with students and families from varying economic and cultural backgrounds
  • Some knowledge of Spanish language (preferred) 

Duration and Compensation

This position is a year-round, full-time position. Compensation package includes salary, health benefits and paid vacation. This position begins June 20th, 2013.


Application Information

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume with “24th Street Coordinator” in the subject heading to cassie@gardenschoolfoundation.org. Applications will be accepted until June 6th, 2013. 

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Seems like quite an old position. I am quite amazed by the roles a coordinator has to fulfill. :)
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Thank you
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Just got an email with this position listed, I was wondering since it is past the dead line, if you would still consider an application.


Please watch this fantastic video the wonderful folks at Andrew Jackson Elementary made to raise $5k for the Seed to Table program at their school!