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commented 2017-01-31 00:47:39 -0800

my name is Friederike Stettin and i currently write my master’s thesis about school gardens in different countries at TU Berlin in Germany. I would like to know if its possible to mention your garden in my thesis. So what do you think about it? Is it conceivable that one of your teachers with a class (age: 8-12, 5-6 kids) fills out my Survey? Furthemore I would be more than happy about a map and pictures of your garden. I am aware that the surveys are not part of the curriculum and therefore I can not expect a quick result. Besides that I know that i expect a lot but really hope to hear from you and I would be so grateful for your cooperation.

Kind regards and thank you so much, Friederike Stettin
commented 2017-01-03 11:21:54 -0800
commented 2016-08-06 08:25:30 -0700
I would like to volunteer at the garden. I am available weekdays, I live close by and I am a master gardener.
commented 2015-12-26 09:35:00 -0800
i’m part of n aquaponics team, are you guys interested in that knowledge ?
commented 2015-11-20 10:47:59 -0800
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commented 2015-11-04 13:33:36 -0800
Hello, my name is Leah Wolf and I interned for Noah Donnell-Kilmer at 2 elementary schools two years ago while I was in college. I am currently working at 93rd St. Elementary in Watts, CA through City Year. We have an after school program each day that we run. The school has a garden but nothing growing and no one who works on it. I was wondering if there was a day that we could have someone run an hour long program with our students (we have about 50 of them) and have them maybe plant a few things!

Let me know and thanks so much for your time.
commented 2015-10-26 12:51:32 -0700
Aloha from Kauai Hawaii!

My name is Amanda Smith I am the current title holder for the Mrs. Kauai International 2016. My platform is Physical Education and nutrition and its importance in our schools. I am traveling to the LA area November 27th-December 1st on a family trip and would love to come visit, talk , learn and share… I am currently teaching and bringing in community volunteers to run a program I developed called Kids Fit Core.

Can’t wait to come check it out!

Much Aloha

Amanda Smith

Mrs Kauai International 2016
commented 2015-07-20 08:59:09 -0700

I stumbled upon the Garden School Foundation website whilst looking for garden projects in Los Angeles and was amazed by what I found.

I am a 24 year old guy living in Birmingham, England, with a mixed background in horticulture therapy, managing community garden projects, organising and running events and workshops and I also have a degree in English Literature. I’m coming over to California at the end of August with my girlfriend Hannah and would love to come and have a look at the work you do at the Garden School Foundation, get involved and meet some of the people who work there and that you work with. Would this be something that could be be possible?

Hope to hear from you soon!


commented 2015-06-09 08:14:31 -0700

I would like to donate to your organization. I will leave my email below and I will need the following information your w-9, 501c-3 status , a brief description of services provided. I am also, interested in finding out if you have program where groups can come in to volunteer?

Thank you

commented 2015-03-24 12:14:22 -0700
My name is Julia Youngs and I applied for the Seed- to – Table internship a few days ago through the website internmatch. I tried calling your office to check the status of my application but there was no answering machine.

Is there someone I could speak to in order to further my application process? Thank you
commented 2014-09-10 18:18:56 -0700
commented 2014-07-31 08:55:36 -0700

My name is Edwin Gonzalez and as of right now im not living in Los Angeles but will be at beginning of September. I’d love to get plugged in and volunteer with your organization in whatever way possible. I was born and raised in that area and went to school there as well so i’d love to become involved with the community more. Because i’m returning unemployed i’ll have a flexible schedule so please let me know how i can be of some assistance!

Looking forward to hearing back from you!
commented 2014-06-16 13:39:32 -0700
Hi my name is Dawn and I work for Stringer Industries. We provide temporary power along with generators, light towers, spider boxes, stage lighting, back drop lighting, sound equipment for all your events. We also provide emergency services for when your power goes out.

Do you have a vendor/bid list that I can be put on?

commented 2013-05-16 19:26:41 -0700
Greetings! I have a 17 year old student who is interested in volunteering with your program from June 24-28. He is an international student from Shanghai, China but speaks excellent English. Is it possible to have him volunteer during this time? Thank you for your assistance.
published this page in Get Involved 2012-05-03 06:12:51 -0700


Please watch this fantastic video the wonderful folks at Andrew Jackson Elementary made to raise $5k for the Seed to Table program at their school!