Honest to Goodness

The Honest Company, Widney High School, and the Garden School Foundation did this in 4 hours on Saturday:




























GSF and The Honest Company teamed up to help kickstart Widney High School's Horticulture Vocational program to give their students, all of whom have multiple developmental and physical disabilities, a beautiful, bountiful space to learn about growing and taking care of plants. Ultimately, this program will connect them with local urban agriculture organizations, giving these students meaningful job opportunities in this field. Combined with the greenhouse we already installed, this program now has strong foundations from which to facilitate big accomplishments for these students.

A huge thank you to the Honest Company employees who gave up their Saturday to turn a patch of stubborn weeds into nine 8x4 raised beds. Whomever is responsible for hiring those guys is onto something - they were the most dedicated, hard-working, and happy crew imaginable. Thanks also to Kellogg for the soil donation, to Muir Ranch and Home Depot for the plants, Malibu Compost for helping out with the more delicious compost in existence, to Megan and Jeremy for organizing the entire construction process start to finish, and Scott from Jolly Llama who arrived crack of dawn to get things started. Life doesn't get any more beautiful, or powerful, than this. Check out the pics below to see the whole process from start to finish!

8am - GSF interns and volunteers arrive and start to level the weeds














 8:45am - Megan and Jeremy arrive and get the building off to a stellar start














 9am - The Honest Company arrives and gets right to work!














 Coffee Break w/ Elabrew














10:30am - Still weeding... have to get all of the nutsedge out!














 11:30am - Short break to tour the 24th Street garden, keep everyone focused on why they're doing all of this weeding!














 11:30am - GSF interns lay down the weedcloth to make sure the nutsedge doesn't overwhelm the garden













 12pm - The beds go in!














 12:30pm - The soil goes in, and mulch gets laid in around the beds.













 12:45pm - Finally, the beds are planted!













 1pm - Done!















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Thank you for the work you are doing. We do similar work and our story can also be found at http://feedthechild.wordpress.com
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Please watch this fantastic video the wonderful folks at Andrew Jackson Elementary made to raise $5k for the Seed to Table program at their school!