Kindergartners Visit the Greenhouse!

GSF is passionate about the important work that we do at our school sites around Los Angeles, so it is particularly exciting when we can bring two of those sites together in one of our beautiful gardens! On December 3rd, we welcomed a group of kindergartners from 24th Street Elementary to our greenhouse at Widney Career and Transition Center, a school which provides vocational training and instructional programs for students with developmental disabilities ages 18 to 22. The greenhouse is home to our new Greenhouse Program, a collaboration between GSF and Widney, which teaches these students how to plant and care for seedlings. 


Before we left 24th Street Elementary, we talked with the kindergartners about how to interact with the Widney students and the importance of treating all people with respect, no matter what sort of challenges they may face. After our discussion, we made the short walk to Widney — very short since the schools are adjacent! — and introduced the two groups. Our first activity was to wash dirty pots; just like our hands, dirty pots need to be washed to avoid germs!
After the kindergarteners washed their pots, they took them to the Widney students, who mixed soil and helped fill each one. The pots were then seeded with either poppies or peas, covered with a layer of soil, and finally watered! After the seeding activity was complete, both groups of students explored the garden together, taking the opportunity to smell and touch different kinds of plants.

At the end of the day, everyone gathered in the greenhouse to talk about California’s severe drought. In the hope of bringing about some relief, everyone did a rain dance, and as if by MAGIC, the misters in the greenhouse turned on! It was a joyous conclusion to an afternoon filled with new experiences and more importantly, new friends.

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