Malibu Compoo-st: They’re big on Poop.

On Saturday October 20th we hosted another successful community work day full of swinging pick axes straight out of snow white, relentless devil grass, laying irrigation lines down in the trenches, and to ease our blisters and newly acquired tennis elbow ( YES! Possible) tamales crafted by an angel.  In the large crowd that attended there were community members, elementary students and family members, the regulars, supporters, donators, and little helping hands. To top off the soil we received a healthy donation of compost along with an informative, shockingly odorless presentation from Malibu Compost



Malibu Compost’s trick of the trade is… compost production.  Surprise! But not your typical run of the poop, but the finest quality, highly fertile compost straight from the tail end of the dairy cow (Sorry I know… but the truth!). Why Dairy Cows? Why not municipal, steer, goat, chicken… pet hamster?? Well dairy cows have the V-8 of digestive tracks, capable of outputting highly digested food matter perfect for supplementing the soil with nutrients and promoting a balanced microbial soil community. An added BONUS… they are certified biodynamic, which implies no genetically-modified feed and the cows have free range along with a couple other perks living on the farm. We've got some happy cows up in Malibu!


Lauren Limbert spoke to a tamale filled audience on a variety of ways to compost food and garden scraps at home. Waste not, throw it in your compost.  Producing compost may be comparable to watching the grass grow, but the outcome is garden gold. She covered an array of methods of composting from the lackadaisical to the mad scientist approach.  Some good gossip dirt on composting includes the plant growth hormone effects of compost tea (pgh on the green market), the rejuvenating effects of adding a compost mulch during off growing seasons, the avoidance of common tap water latent with certain salts that kill soil microbes, and the necessary proportions of waste materials to use to make all the microbes wanting more. It was a highly informative presentation and we’re gracious for the support of Malibu Compost along with members of the community that came out to play in the garden. Thank you everyone for making this such a great success. Hope to see ya’ll at the next garden work day.


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