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Stay tuned for the debut of our new website this winter! We've been inspired by our collaboration with the designers at Project M Plus, and we can’t wait to share the new site with you!

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Make the Recipe: Pico de Gallo

Our Pico de Gallo is a simple, delicious dish that we make every year with our 1st Grade classes. The recipe is always a crowd favorite. Have some fun in the kitchen this afternoon with your kids and try our fresh Pico de gallo for yourself.

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Intern Spotlight: Yenny Martin


Morning is one of the most pleasurable times of day to spend in the garden.  In the morning, the garden is quiet, flooded with sun, damp with dew, and the heat of the day has yet to rise. On one such sunny morning, I meet with Yenny, an intern at GSF, to ask her a few questions about her experience working in the 24th Street Elementary Garden. 

As we talk, Yenny waters a row of carrots, weeds a bed of basil, and prepares a patch of dirt for a new crop of onions. The sun rises above us as she works the pitch fork. The soil yields. Yenny picks sun gold tomatoes. They are her favorite vegetable. “I love how sweet they are,” she says, “especially when they’re warm from the sun.” Earlier in the summer, Yenny helped plant these tomatoes. “One of the most inspiring things about gardening,” she says, “is that you’re creating all the time.” She feels satisfied whenever she sees the plants that she has nurtured prosper. “Even when it seems as if the world isn’t flourishing, the garden always is.”

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Plant a seed, grow a future!

Join our movement at:


Have you ever stopped to look at seeds close up?  They can be incredibly tiny or remarkably fuzzy, plump or curved.  They hold everything they need to grow, all we have to do is give water and step back in awe at its perseverance.   


The Garden School Foundation planted its first seed back in 2006 and now 10 years later we are still harvesting joy, laughter, hugs, lessons, and plenty of strawberries along the way.  Now it is your turn, your opportunity to help us plant the seeds for the next 10 years to come!  

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Dates announced for City Seedlings, 2016!


Even though the season is taking a turn for the chilly, (read: harvests of pumpkins and fresh apples!) we’re already excited for our City Seedlings Summer Camp 2016; getting ready for another 2 weeks of whipping up delicious recipes from the garden, learning science through interactive garden-activities, and exploring the outdoors with active games and arts & crafts. Put these dates in your calendar now- it’ll be summer before you know it! 

Week 1: June 20th-June 24th, 2016

Week 2: June 27th- July 1st, 2016


Enrollment begins on February 1st! For more info, or to schedule a site visit, contact Shelby at shelby@gardenschoolfoundation.org.


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