The Power of The Sun

The Sun's energy is the basis for all life, starting with photosynthesis in plants eventually moving up through the food web to humans. At Rockdale Elementary, we have been using the sun's energy for a much different purpose in the after school Solar Cooking Club. Students are exploring the usage of the sun's energy to cook food through the construction of model solar ovens and the use of a solar oven kit. Solar ovens use highly reflective surfaces, bent at specific angles, to reflect and concentrate the sun's energy on a certain point. This heats up a covered box where food is placed for cooking. Thus far students have enjoyed learning more about this alternative form of cooking and the mechanics behind it.


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Are We There Yet?

We spend so much time planning and prepping and coddling our crops so they give us that incredible harvest but sometimes, just sometimes, it's hard to know when that perfect moment is for harvesting. 

So. How do you know when a melon is ready to harvest? Much of this depends on the variety but here are a few ways to get close to that long awaited moment. 



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Evan Kleiman and Cooks County invite you to join them for a glorious autumn afternoon at the 1-acre 24th Street gardens in support of the Garden School Foundation's efforts to make garden-based learning available to every child in Los Angeles County. For tickets and more information click here.


Growing GSF - Introducing our new staff!

In one fell swoop, Garden School Foundation has more than doubled in size, enabling us to quadruple our impact and provide more opportunities to get kids involved in the ever improving foodscape of Los Angeles County. Expanding beyond our flagship school garden program at 24th Street Elementary School, we have added four new Seed-to Table garden programs, bringing fresh food, nutrition education, and hands on science and language arts classes to an additional 1,200 students in underserved schools.  You can now find our program at Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Altadena, Rockdale Elementary School in Eagle Rock, Grand View Boulevard Elementary School in Mar Vista and Wilshire Crest School in Mid-Wilshire. Please read on to learn more about the dedicated and energetic people bringing Garden School Foundation's mission to life:



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A Prehistoric Tail

Long, long ago dinosaurs roamed our rugged world. Sadly, the ice age hit as did a comet or two and that was the end of that story. OR WAS IT??!! Did we really lose our connection to the Paleozoic Era? Or is a part of it still with us? Folks, cue the Jurassic Park theme song. Enter: Equisetum, also known as horsetail.  



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