24th Street Onigiri on Zester Daily!

Check out this wonderful article written by Sonoko Sakai, who recently did an amazing onigiri workshop at our February Garden Workday! She and the kids also made the most delicious Miso soup, which recipe is printed in the article.


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Honest to Goodness

The Honest Company, Widney High School, and the Garden School Foundation did this in 4 hours on Saturday:




























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Seed to Table

This week the after-school Garden Club at 24th Street Elementary School got to plant hundreds of seeds to supply ingredients for our future cooking classes. This group of 10 kids was put in charge of the future of the over 600 students at 24th Street! OK, maybe it’s not as dire as it sounds but these students did start something quite special!!


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A Fresh and Bright Winter Salad

For a five or six year old, trying new foods can be tough. Making something new and actually liking it can be even tougher. With GSF’s herbed rice salad and the adventurous students at 24th Street, all of these feats were passed with flying colors and happy taste buds!

Mrs. Lam’s kindergarten class came into the garden eager to learn. They learned about herbs and gently harvested their very own mint. In small bowls, they added nutrient rich brown rice, naturally sweet dried cranberries, vitamin-packed almonds, calcium rich feta cheese, and fresh mint. Next, they worked as a team to create a fresh orange juice and olive oil-based dressing. After adding a spoonful of dressing to each of their bowls and mixing until the ingredients were perfectly combined, they dug in.


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Parent Feedback

The Garden School Foundation collects feedback from our community on an ongoing basis to help build relationships,  and inform the direction and evaluate the effects of our programs. We sat down with Amabilia Villeda recently to gather information about her views on the garden and how her children talk about the garden at home. Here are some highlights of the conversation.

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