Seed to Table

This week the after-school Garden Club at 24th Street Elementary School got to plant hundreds of seeds to supply ingredients for our future cooking classes. This group of 10 kids was put in charge of the future of the over 600 students at 24th Street! OK, maybe it’s not as dire as it sounds but these students did start something quite special!!


By planting the seeds, the Garden Club started a process that will take between two and five months.  That is, a process of watering, watching the seeds sprout, tending, feeding, hunting for bugs, noticing the first flowers and the happy bees, delighting over spotting the first fruits, and finally watching with pride as our mature plants are heavy with cops to harvest for cooking class. Our students planted seeds varying from fava beans to baby carrots and golden beets, but these garden gems are so much more then the vegetables they will grow into! These seeds will act as tools, opening the eyes of our students to the boundless joys and possibilities found in the garden.

We can’t wait to see what recipes for adventure these seeds will help us create! The Garden Club took on changing the lives of 600 hundred students this week, what will they take on next week??

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