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The incredibly Emily Ho came out the garden last week to make cookbooks with the 2nd graders for their first Seed to Table cooking class. Beautiful paper was donated by Soolip and the kids had a wonderful time creating designs for the covers of their books. We will keep you posted on the recipes we'll put inside over the next few weeks!

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Mama and her six little kittens made a cosy home underneath one of the Canary Island Pines at the back of the garden. A very special thank you to Shawn Simons for taking them in, vaccinating them, and finding them homes! If anyone wants a kitten please let us know and we'll put you in touch.

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Fiesta de la Huerta

The sweet, deadpan voices of teenage girls singing pop-punk songs from 15 years ago wafted through the air, along with the smell of frying beef.  The sun shone, kids laughed, and we knew it was going to be a good day.

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Garden Workdays are the Best

Workdays at the 24th St Garden are some of the best days. True, there are tons of extra hands, so we can get a lot of gardening work done.

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Too much good stuff!

The American Honda Foundation has just awarded us another $25,000 grant to continue our efforts throughout our (ever expanding!) community. To them, we say, "thank you!" and we can't wait to put that money to work.

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Another Workday!

Our fourth workday in the garden this year was another screaming success. We had the biggest turnout of kids yet, thanks largely to the 4th grade teachers who offered their students community service credit if they came. Here, 4th grade teacher Ms. LaFleur arrives with her daughters:

And they did come, in droves. With their help, we weeded and mulched and mulched and weeded. 


We also had help from tree specialist and master gardener Herb Machleder, who helped prune our fruit orchard. We're hoping that with his help, and our garden manager's capable hands, we can double our already productive crop next year. 

...we looked for bugs...  ...we scraped paint off tables.  

We got done everything we wanted and more. Workdays are an incredible chance for us to make a big push in the garden -- there's only so much one or two people can do alone; it's great to have so many hands. But workdays are also an incredible chance for us to connect with the students and their families in a whole different way, a time for us to remember what we're trying to do and why. Plus, they're really fun -- more than one kid asked if we could have them every week!

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Something New at 24th Street

It's a beautiful beginning to another lovely year at 24th Street! And we are just so exited to get this new season started!!

We are ready for a new season of planting, growing, playing and unlocking the magic that lives all around us in the garden.

Although a winter garden often leaves a visitor wanting, at 24th Street we are filled with hopes and wishes for the months to come!!

So drop by and visit one of our cooking or gardening classes or send us your wishes for the new season. Either way, have a happy, healthy and strong New Year!!

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Make Seed Bombs, Not War!

Even when classes are not in session, there is always something in the making here at the 24th Street Garden. Weeding, planning, prepping, planting, these tasks are just a few of many that must be accomplished to maintain the garden and to run our interactive classes. With our amazing and tireless group of volunteers, we have been able to accomplish so much at the garden!

Last week, we all experimented with a new project: Seed Bombs. We wanted to create an activity that would bring the garden to the students, and seed bombs do just this. This activity also teaches our students about seed identification and seed dispersal. With these seed bombs in hand, students are armed with the power to transform the world around them by beautifying vacant plots of land on the schoolyard, while taking ownership and pride in their community. 

Rolling the adobe clay, dirt, and seeds together in the palm of our hands, we felt like revolutionaries making these seed bombs of peace and propagation.  You can join in on the fight too! Make your own by following the recipe below or come make some with our students at our Garden Workday THIS Saturday, February 11th, 2012!

Here’s the seed bomb recipe:

5 parts dry red clay

3 parts dry organic compost

1 part seed (the smaller the seed the better)

1 – 2 parts water

Step one: measure out three parts of dry compost or soil. This provides a growing medium for your seeds.

Step two: measure out five parts of dry powdered clay. Once mixed with water, the clay will hold the seed balls together. I use Red Art clay, which I get from a pottery supply store. It’s cheap, food safe, and feels great to work with.

Step three: Add one part seed.

Step four: Roll the seed ball mix into balls 1-2 in. (2.5-5cm) in diameter. Be prepared to get messy!

Step five: Set aside to dry on wax paper for a few days before storing or using.

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