French in the Garden: Seriously!



Even though I'm always there in the garden, I'm always constantly blown away with all the activities surrounding me. Last Friday, I ambled over to a group of 4th and 5th graders saying "un, deux, trios.... TRIOOOUS, no, no, triOUS!" Because believe it or not, we teach French in the garden! Once a week, Virginie, our volunteer French instructor, comes in and teaches French to very eager students in our garden. What a better way to learn than to sit outdoors under the blue sky?  They won't just be learning the language, but in the future, they'll be learning about cheeses, French heirloom plants, and much much more!

Virginie stressing the correct way to say the many, many tougher words in French.

It looks like we have 5 future college students who will be studying abroad in Paris!

Side note: If there's something you think you'd like to teach in our garden, please feel free to email me. You can also comment and I'll be sure to contact you. Some great ideas are storytellers, music instruments, art, languages, writing, etc. Let us know what you can offer!
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